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Delicious, homemade meals bring people together all over the globe. We too want to bring people together and allow our guests to kick back and enjoy a freshly prepared meal. Sparkling conversation and a cosy atmosphere topped off with delicious food – what more could you want? Ok, maybe some good weather too so you can enjoy a BBQ on our large terrace or a cold beer in our beer garden.


The Landhotel Dötlingen offers its guests delicious, simple cuisine including seasonal dishes such as game or tasty grilled meat. Our meat comes exclusively from the Helms farm (Lohmühle) and we get our rump steaks from the globally renown company Blockhaus, best known for its steak quality.


Homemade cakes, our Dötlinger brown loaf, fresh vegetables from the Helms farm (Lohmühle) or fresh eggs directly from the farm next door – we really value the use of regionally sourced products and ingredients in our kitchen. Enjoy!

For queries and bookings, feel free to contact us at 04433-362.


  • The restaurant has space for 40 people and an extra 16 seats can be added with the adjoining room, the “Kutscherstube”.
  • On weekdays, our guests can choose from an à la carte menu of our dishes.
  • On weekends and holidays, we offer a special menu selection as well as a delicious brunch buffet.
  • To avoid anyone having to eat standing at the bar, registration for the brunch buffet must be completed by Thursday.




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15 Jun
Weihnachten 2016

1. und 2. Weihnachtstag, ab 10 Uhr Großer Weihnachtsbrunch im Saal

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